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Our competitive gymnastics program focuses upon growing and developing gymnasts to attain their dreams and reach their fullest potential. The gymnastics team emphasizes discipline, perseverance, mental aptitude and strength. At GGA, young girls and Boys can begin competitive gymnastics at age six. Each team program, as described below, is carefully designed and structured to meet the unique needs and skills of each gymnast. GGA has teams that compete on local and national team levels. As your Child grows and develops, you can be assured GGA has the depth, skills and experience to bring him or her to there highest achievement.

Boys Team Programs

Terminators/ Boys Pre-Team ages 3-5
Flippers / Boys Pre-Team ages 6 & up

This a class that takes place for 2 hours twice a week is designed for young boy athletes that demonstrate great potential at an early age in strength, agility, little fear, and are able to focus. Terminators are trained on all boys equipment: High Bars, Vault, Rings, Parrell Bars, Floor,Pommel Horse and mushroom with emphasis on body positing and fundamental for competitions. Parents are to meet coach prior to registering for this team.

Boys USAG National Team

GGA Boys National Team requires complete dedication and commitment. This is a year long commitment. GGA offers levels 4-10. GGA a team takes young athlete to the high potential level. THe Boys National team compete under the USAG (USA Gymnastics) federation.

Girls Team Programs

Super Tots
Ages 4 - 5 years, Invitation Only

This is a specially designed class for the preschooler who has been selected for the competitive track. Super Tots work on body shaping, conditioning, flexibility and terminology in order to advance to our Shooting Star Program. Children may take one or both offered classes per week.

Shooting Stars/Pre-Team
Ages 5 - 8 Years

This class takes place for 1.5 hours, twice a week and is designed for young athletes that demonstrate great potential at an early age in flexibility, strength, agility, and have very little fear. Shooting Star gymnasts train for all four competitive events with emphasis on body positioning and fundamentals for competitions. Parents are to meet with the coach prior to registering for this team. Tuesday-Thursday 3:30-5:00

Ages 7 & Up

Pre-team is a beginner/pre-team that trains twice a week for two hours and has a year round commitment. Our certified coaches employ safe and positive methods of gymnastic instruction. In accordance with USAG Level 4 guidelines, children improve their gymnastic skills and strength on an individual basis. Gymnasts are to meet with the coach prior to registration. Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-6:30

Local Team/ EXCEL
Ages 6 Years and Up

GGA's local team gymnasts compete at USAG EXCEL competitions and follow USAG Code of Points guidelines for EXCEL. Tuesday & Thursday 5-7

National Team/ USAG Team
Ages 5 Years and up

GGA's National Team requires complete commitment and dedication for training and competitions. Gymnasts at this level compete on a local, regional, and national level, commit to year round training and all competitions. Gymnasts on the National Team want to take their gymnastics to the highest level possible. GGA offers levels 4-10. National Team compete under the USAG (USA Gymnastics) federation.


The TOPS/Elite program is part of the National Team where athletes are selected to train for the Elite Gymnastics Program through the TOPs criteria as defined by USAG. The Elite gymnastics is the highest level of competition and should be taken very seriously.

Identify talented young gymnasts between 7 to 11 years old that are not currently seeking or training for elite or international level competition Identify deficiencies in fitness and skill factors that can be determined by scientific testing and interaction with regional and national staff coaches. These deficiencies will be communicated to both the athlete and the coach for remedial work.

"Enhancing the information flow and educational opportunities to talented athletes, their parents or guardians, and their coaches to help improve the athlete's training."