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Children 18 months- 2 years

A 45 minute class. It is an exciting and energetic activity designed to introduce children to the joy of gymnastics and physical education. This class is designed to introduce children to gymnastics and allow an easier transition into the Starfish program. (CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPINED BY AN ADULT!)

STARFISH ( 3-4 year olds)

A 45 min. class consisting of physical challenges in a fun atmosphere that encourages the development of coordination, body awareness, and builds self-confidence.

SHARK (4-5 years olds Boys Only)

A 45 min. class where boys learn basics of boys/men's gymnastics and are progressed on individual achievement and progression. This is a circuit based program where children will be challenged in a fun and safe environment.

FLIPPERS (Kindergartners)

A 60 min. class designed for kindergarten aged children. Students will learn beginner to advanced skills on all equipment it is a self-paced progression, in a fun and safe environment.

OUR PROGRAMS build your child's self confidence & skills, in our SAFE and Fun Classes!!!